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Qualifying begins: 26 June

The Draw: 30 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 1 & 2 July

Order of Play: 2 July

Championships begin: 3 July


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Ball Boys and Ball Girls
Information about Ball Boys and Ball Girls at Wimbledon. READ MORE

BBGs at The Championships

- A final total of approximately 250 Ball Boys and Girls (BBGs) from around 700 applicants work at The Championships, Wimbledon. 

- Approximately 160 are selected from about 540 year 9 & 10 applicants and around 90 are chosen from about 160 ballboys/girls from previous years.

- Average age is 15 years. Many BBGs spend two years as a BBG.

- Four teams of six selected to be responsible for Centre and No.1 Courts.

- Six teams of six rotate around the other show courts.

- Remainder in teams of six rotate around the rest of the courts.

- Usual routine is one hour on, one hour off.


- In 1920s and `30s ball boys provided by Shaftesbury Homes.

- From 1946 provided by volunteers from institutions/schools, including Dr Barnardo's homes. To find out more about Wimbledon's special association with Barnardo's, click here. (see Sources below for full list).

- 1977, ball girls introduced.

- 1980, first mixed teams of ball boys and girls.

- 1985, ball girls on Centre Court for the first time.


- Training begins in February at AELTC. Each prospective ball boy/girl will train once a fortnight and also attend four brief court training sessions at the Covered Courts before Easter.

- After the Easter break all training takes place at Wimbledon (mainly on the Covered Courts) and lasts until mid June apart from school holidays.

- Weekly training sessions last 2-2.5 hours with 50-60 children per session with four sessions per week.

Participating schools

1920s & 1930s Shaftesbury Homes
1946-1966 Dr Barnardo’s Homes
1967-1968 Shaftesbury Homes
1969-1986 The Wandsworth School, Southfields
1969-1989 The Nork Park Secondary School
1969-1989 Westmeads High School, Morden
1969-2002 Eastfields High School, Mitcham
1969-2006 Tamworth Manor High School. Mitcham
1969-current Raynes Park High School
1969-current Rutlish High School, Merton
1969-current Wimbledon College, Wimbledon
1977-2002 Rowan High School, Streatham
1977-current Ricards Lodge High School
1977-current Ursuline Convent High School, Wimbledon
1987-1991 The John Archer School, Wandsworth
1990-current The Beacon School, Banstead
1998-current Sunbury Manor School, Sunbury
1998-current Holy Cross Convent School, Wimbledon
1999-current Wimbledon High School, Wimbledon
2000-current Bishopsford Community School, Morden
2001-current Overton Grange School, Sutton
2001-current Wilson’s School, Wallington
2003-current Sutton Grammar School, Sutton
2003-2006 Mitcham Vale School, Mitcham
2003 Richard Challoner School, New Malden
2004-current Graveney School, Tooting
2005 Southfields Community School, Southfields
2006-current Southborough School, Surbiton
2006-current John Fisher School, Purley
2007-current Hall School Wimbledon
2007-current Sutton High School, Sutton
2007-2008, 2010-current Harris Academy Merton
2009-current Teddington School, Teddington
2009-current Tiffin School, Kingston
2010-current Glyn Technology School, Surrey
2010-current Saint Cecilia's School, Wandsworth
2010-current Surbiton High School, Kingston
2010-current Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative
2011-current Grey Court School, Richmond
2011-current Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith
2011-current Tolworth Girl's School, Surbiton

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